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Rear bumper attachment

Hi all, just trying to answer a quick question. The dealer doesn’t know specifically what this is for. Said it might be for a rear bumper guard but that’s pretty vague. Does anybody know what it is for and then what brand it is?

Does it bolt to the frame? If so, it might be for getting pulled out if stuck, or pulling somebody else out. Is there only one?

Yeah, bolted to the frame and there is another one on the other side. Wasn’t sure if it was some sort of weight distribution for towing or…?

Looks like an aftermarket addition, probably towing related.

Rear bumper guard mounting bracket. I would remove them before injuring my leg on one of those brackets.

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Do you think it’s pretty generic or specific to a certain brand?

Probably brand specific. Take it to your local truck/4X4 accessory dealer and find out.