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Rear brakes malfunction?


I have an Acura Integra 2001 LS, and last week when I have the tires rotated, I was told that the rear brakes might be malfunction, since the rear rotors are rusty. The suggestion is to change the rear rotors and brake pads, and the price they quoted is pretty high.

The car is front wheel driving, and I have no question to brake so far. Is this a serious problem that I need take care of immediately? Also, I can’t understand how replace new rotors could resolve the rear brake malfunction problem.

Any input will be highly appreciated!

If the contact surface of the rotors is rusty, then you do have a problem. It would mean that the brake pads aren’t touching the rotors. This could be a master cylinder problem, an ABS module problem, a brake hose problem, are frozen calipers. Just replacing the pads and rotors would not solve it.
If, however, it’s the non-contact areas of the rotor that are rusty, then that is perfectly normal and they are trying to rip you off. Is this some chain store outfit? Go find a good local independent and get a second opinion.

There’s no need to take an out-of-warranty car to the dealership for this kind of work.
I second tardis: Go find a good local independent and get a second opinion.