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Brake repair

We have a 2010 Acura TSX with 26-27,000 miles. When I took it in to the dealer for routine maintenance recently, they said that there was only 1mm. on the rear brake pads. They suggested to renew the rear brake pads and turn the rotors for the price of $395. In addition they recommended a brake flush for and additional $130. When I discussed this with my brother, he said that rear brakes shouldn’t need replacing at 26000 miles, and he was skeptical about the brake system flush. I think the prices quoted are too much, and I am thinking about taking it to the local Exxon instead. Any suggestions?

They may need doing. I know Hondas of that vintage have very skimpy rear brakes and they actually need replacing before the front ones, which is unusual - hondas and acuras are similar in many ways so perhaps they are the same here as well.
I doubt it needs a brake flush unless there’s something else going on.

Regardless, bring it to a trusted independent mechanic and have him replace the pads and turn the rotors, if it indeed needs it.

Depending on your driving environment, that brake life may not be abnormal. I’m inclined to lean toward considering it acceptable.

I do a flush about every 5 years. Some suggest doing it sooner. Some do one with every brakejob. It’s largely a matter of driving environmene and opinio.

The price would be considered normal at a dealership in my neck of the woods…with new rotors. Rotors today don’t have enough meat to be worth turning. Most shops just replace the rotors.