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Rear Axle leaking fluid

Need more help on this topic. Was instructed to check the fluid level, but there are no drain plugs that I can find: This is the discussion thread from last night for reference:

1. How do I determine what is causing the whining noise coming from the rear end of my truck. I see seepage around the rear axle housing seal, but nothing on the ground.

Posted by: db5454

2. by: Tester 09/11/2009 6:03:39 PM

Take the plug out of the differential cover and stick your finger in the hole to see how much fluid is in it. If your finger comes out with no fluid on it the fluid is low. And if it gets too low, the differential will start whining.

3. There are two plugs. DO NOT remove the lower one or all the oil will drain out. Check the level at the upper plug. The oil should be up to the bottom of the hole.

4. If it needs fluid - how do I refill it and what do I use?

5. by: Tester 09/11/2009 6:12:23 PM

What year is the vehicle?

6. 2001 1500 2WD - 5.2L

7. Tester 09/11/2009 7:15:32 PM

The differential uses 80W-90 gear oil. You can get this at any auto parts store in quart plastic bottles. Fill the differential at the same hole you checked the level at using the plastic quart bottle by squeezing it. Fill until the fluid runs out the hole. And get an extra bottle. Because until that axle seal leak is fixed, you’re going need to keep adding fluid.

8. To replace the seal do I remove the cover from the housing, scrape it and clean it, remove what’s left of the old seal and replace it - like a gasket?

9. Yes. If it’s leaking at the differential cover gasket. If it’s leaking at the seal where the driveshaft connects to yoke going into the differential, that’s going to be a little more involved.

If the fill plug isn’t on the cover, then look on the differential casing itself. Probably on the driveshaft side of the casing. The plug will probably have 1/2" recessed square hole.


I’ll go out and look and be right back

I found it - but it’s a rubber plug on the face of the housing cover. Go Figure…

Dodge has been using those stupid rubber plugs since the 70’s and they all leak sooner or later.

The leak is coming from the cover gasket - I had to order one - in the meantime I topped of the fluid and test drove it - the whining noise is just barely there now. I plan to take the cover off, drain the fluid, clean it up, inspect it and if all okay put it back together with the new gasket and refill it. Thanks for your help