Rear axle bearing

'94 black kitty Fleetwood. Replaced rear axles and outer bearings. Mild clunks now heard on rough roads. Maintenance Manual states “excessive axle end play” as cause, but does not address adjustments, shims or spacers. How to eliminate excess end play?

Is this a rear drive car? if so, jack a rear tire off the ground, grab the tire and try to push it in and out. A LITTLE play is normal. Are your axles retained by horseshoe clips that lock the axle into the spider gears in the rear end? You can fall into a black hole of parts replacement in trying to deal with this…Is this a DIY project?

Caddyman said

“Is this a rear drive car”?
Did Cadillac make a FWD Fleetwood Brougham in '94? I don’t think so.

Yes, it is a RWD car.
From '93-'96, the Fleetwood Brougham was essentially a glorified Chevy Caprice.

I’m not familiar with this rear axle at all but assume it to be a C clip type. If this problem is really related to axle shaft noise and not due to a suspension fault like a shock mount, etc. then I would strongly advise the car be parked until this problem is sorted out. One would hate to drop a C clip, the car go one way, and the axle and wheel another.

What was the reason for the axle and bearing replacements? Collision or lack of oil which then trashed the axles and bearings?
Some possibilities could be bent or damaged rear suspension or backing plate, incorrect shims if used, worn pinion shaft, etc.

Thank you Caddyman and OK4450! To answer your questions:
Yes, horseshoe clips.
Done at Caddy dealer.
Reason for replacement; roaring noise independent of engine/trans/tire. 194K miles. Checked pinion shaft and bearing > OK. Replaced U’s and front bearings because they were cheap. Then checked rear axle > deeply grooved. (Did not run dry) All replacement parts are GM.
I’m going to put it on a lift and verify if the play is at the clips or at the bearing. Thanks again guys!