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Really loud fan. Is it normal?


I have a 2016 Audi A3 2.0t premium Quattro and every couple of minutes my car will have this really loud fan going under the hood. Is it supposed to be this loud? I feel like it’s obnoxiously loud but if it is normal it’ll ease my nerves a bit til I can figure out how to quiet it down.

What you’re probably hearing is the secondary air injection pump giving up the ghost.


This fan can get so loud that it can sound like a jet engine.


Is it something I need to fix? If not and it’s normal, can I do something to quiet the noise?

I know very little about cars so my bad if I sound slow lol

If that’s the source of the noise, the secondary air injection pump has to be replaced


So it isn’t supposed to be loud? It literally just sounds like a super fan. The car runs fine it’s just the fan is very loud and can take up to a few minutes for it to stop after I turn the car off

Is it hot where you are?

And are you using the AC?

Because if so, that’s normal.


Have you checked the coolant level? If the engine is running hot the radiator fan will operate at high speed.

It’s not hot where I live yet, I live north east U.S so right now it’s about low 60s mid 50s and sometimes I run the heat on if it’s cold at night. My coolant level is full so I don’t think it’s because I’m low on it

Did this noise just start or are you just now concerned about it.

I just got the car it’s used but when I test drove it the noise wasn’t there. It wasn’t noticeable until about two days after getting the car and when I told them to check it since I’m under warranty they said they found no issue. But I don’t think they really tried to debunk the issue since it’s a used Audi from Kia dealership so not their priority ya know-_-