Read the Manual

This is what we look like when we say “read the manual.”


Waddya mean by “Read Your Owners Manual!”



I quit looking for answers in owners manuals long ago. And “War and Peace” is a much more enjoyable read.

Who is Manuel? :grin:

And shorter.


Manuel labor who I don;t get along with.

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Early 70’s, around 50 pages. The 2018 F150 owners manual is 619 pages. Maybe that’s part of the problem.


Ah, I’m acquainted. I’ve grown to hate that guy!

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My latest manual is in two parts. The first part is a book covering the basics. The second part is a DVD with more details and how to operate the electronics I guess. So if you are sitting in the car trying to figure out the navigation system, you’d better have a DVD player along or wait until you get home. Then even when you finally figure something out, it’s forgotten again for the next time. Sorta like Windows 10.

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The SHOP MANUAL for my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 isn’t even that big, although it’s over twice as big as the shop manual for the 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R I used to have.

Mine is in two parts, also. In addition to the well-laid-out, easy-to-understand book on “the basics”, there is a second–THICKER–book for the integrated Audio/Bluetooth/GPS system. This thicker book was obviously translated (badly) from a foreign language and is not very helpful. On my own, I was able to figure-out all of those functions, but it would have been nice if that second manual had been written clearly.

I still have the manual from my father’s '66 Galaxie 500, and in addition to having a small page size (4" high x 8.5" wide), it is only 72 pages long. However, cars in those days had almost no technology that needed explaining. The book essentially tells you where the various controls are located, and it also tells you how to change a tire. The maintenance schedule encompasses a few pages of this slim manual.

There’s a few pages about traditional stuff and most is dedicated to the electronic doodads on the truck. Let’s complain about that. Again.

I saw him at the Home Depot yesterday, trying to get hired.


I suspect you’re correct. The stuff that’s obvious is covered at great length and the rest is just obtuse.

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That’s also about the page size of my truck’s owner manual. It’s hard to tell from this pdf file link, but it appears the 2018 f150 owner manual page size is probably a little larger.

I bought an end of year '15 Camry, went to the dealer for the first service (after scanning/reading the manual) and asked them to change a couple things in the programing . The turn signal lever will flash X times when you flick it and I wanted it changed from 3 to 7 times. Dealership had never heard of such a thing. Had to show them the page in my manual. They don’t read them either.