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Re-tune carburetor for sea level? Moving Denver to Boston

I’m moving from 5800 ft to sea level (Denver to Boston) with my 1995 5 cylinder Eurovan (actually a Rialta Winnebago on the Eurovan chassis).

Will it need to be tuned to the new low altitude? If so, does it make sense to do it in Denver just before I leave (where I have trusted mechanics) or should this be done in Boston?


The 1995 Eurovan had fuel injection, I believe. As such, the computer will most likely be able to adjust for the air density by itself. You probably won’t even notice anything amiss in the transition, because it’s a pretty gradual slope from Denver to the east coast - you’ll basically be descending slowly but steadily across most of Nebraska.

By 1995 all gasoline vehicles in the U.S. had gone to fuel injection in order to be able to satisfy our EPA requirements. FI constantly and automatically adjusts for air density simply as a byproduct of it metering fuel by monitoring the air in and by monitoring the oxygen level of the exhaust. You need do nothing.

I’ll have to check that because it appears the chassis was built/delivered in 1994 and then built up by Winnebago in 1995.
Okay, it looks like it has one.

Yeah, by '94 everything had at least throttle body injection and evloution into multiport injection had begun. Everything now is at least multiport with the evolution of direct injection now beginning.

All of these systems meter fuel by monitoring air in and oxygen levels out.

if your RV is equipped with a generator, you may need to adjust that, however.

It has a generator - but it’s dead :slight_smile:

Generator problem resolved.

Greetings Passable,

Glad you purchased the Rialta. I have owned a 94 for ten years and LOVE it. I have 220K and it is still rolling like a champ. My Rialta spent five years of its life in New Englnd, I now live in a VERY HOT part of the country. I do have some engine temp concerns but it is rolling along just fine.

It will adjust to what ever elevation you drive it in.

The only real advise I have for you about the Rialta is to make sure you get the TIMING BELT replaced…I think at 60k, check the service schedule. I’ve had mine done twice in the 10 years I’ve owned it.

Have fun with the Rialta