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Re. tac from MO: car memorials

Not a question, really, just some remarks in case Tac happens to check this – I have an eerily similar story. Mom & Dad bought a 1990 Camry (“Blanche” - white, of course) that got passed to me in early January of 1994, when I was in college and needed to be able to drive home to see my mother, who was in and out of the hospital. She died in late January, and I kept the car as long as I possibly could…drove it from CT to TX in 1996, right after I got married, and then back to NY and up and down New England for another a hundred thousand some-odd miles. In 2004, at 217,000 miles, I sold it for $500 to some migrant workers. (No kidding. They said they were going to ship her down to Grenada to re-sell.)

Before I turned over the key, I drove Blanche around to various historical spots - the elementary school where Mom taught, the house we used to live in, the high school where I met my husband, etc. I took photos along the way. Most people take photos of their brand new cars; me, I’ve got my hand on the pock-marked hood of a car whose wheel wells are entirely rusted out.

In addition to Blanche’s and my tour, I keep one of her keys in my jewelry box. One of these days I would like to fashion it into a necklace. If it all sounds sentimental, it is, but Tac, I’m sure, gets it.

What have other people done for memorials?