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Drove to the crusher

I drove my 1984 Camry to the salvage yard today. Got a small check for the scrap value, left them the keys, and caught the Number 59 bus to the DMV to turn in the tags.

366,042.6 miles. I figure over 8,000 hours in the driver’s seat.

There is nothing sexy about a Camry, but it was good reliable transportation, with enough room for a tall guy.

I’m going to miss that car.

Sounds like a good one and you certainly got your money’s worth on that one.

Almost every car I’ve ever owned I miss to one degree or the other; the exception being an 87 Mercury Sable wagon that I sold with well over 400k miles on it. It was a combination of being absolutely bored to death with it and it being about as uncool as car as ever roamed the planet is why I don’t care one whit that it’s gone.

I drove an 83 to 255,000 when I sold it. I liked it.

You must have taken good care of your Camry. They are good cars. You can’t ask for more then 366K miles.

If you “drove it to the salvage yard” it probably had some residual value. Any car that can move on its own power is sellable complete or for parts.

366,000 miles is just broken in…ask Irv:

You didn’t have someone who could have given you a lift home?
There’s something wrong with that.

You need better friends.


About the only car I really miss is the car that was older than I am, a 65 Chevelle. In terms of performance, even my old Civic would probably beat it, including acceleration, but you just can’t replace that feeling you get when you’re sitting behind the wheel of a classic car. The fact that you can see all around you without any major obstruction of your view, you can see the front AND back of the car when moving, a bench seat that naturally reclined for a comfortable driving position without having to move anything, and an engine bay you can move your hands around in.

That being said, every car I’ve gotten has been better than the previous one, save for the Contour.