RE: Steel Seal for Head Gasket repair

Read old discussion RE: Does Steel seal really work for head gasket repairs…
Testor said that Steel Seal was a good alternative for older cars not worth the expense of repair. He also said Steel Seal is (aka) Sodium silicate and can be for ordered from local pharmacy for $10-$20 Vs. “Steel Seal” for $100 or more.
My Question is what EXACTLY do I ask for when trying to order from the pharmacy and how much do I need for Head gasket repair on 1996 Pontiac Grand Am, 6-cylinder… Also, any special instructions on application? Oil is milky and car is OVER heating.
– Hope to hear from you soon… Thanks.

If the oil is milky it is likely too late.

Do you go to the auto parts store to get your medications?
Than why would you go to the pharmacy for auto parts (repair materials)?

I agree with Rod that it’s too late Coolant has already been churned into the oil, making automotive buttermilk. Damage to all the critical places that rely so much on oil to stay alive has already begun. However, if you insist on trying an additive, stop by the parts store and see what they have. I seriously doubt of it’ll be $100. I also seriously doubt if it’ll work.


GM has had MANY problems with leaking intake gaskets

IMO it’s quite possible that is your problem

Even if you wanted to replace the head gasket, the intake has to come out

Snake oil won’t fix a split intake gasket

Nevertheless, I wish you the best