Re: need help on a 1990 ford thunderbird


i have a 1990 ford thunderbird it has an automatic transmission and you have to press the brake pedal to start it (kinda like a cheap security system) i start the car and it idles like a new car and after about 30 seconds or so it will idle at 1500 RPM or faster i originally took the car to tech to get the brake light switch changed b/c i had to press the pedal almost to the floor to make the lights work and i got the car back and they messed it up even worse with the high idle and they knocked the passenger window off track… the person who worked on it doesn’t like my brother and i’m guessing took it out on my car… if ne1 wants to talk IM me on Imamaniac154 i would appreciate it and its much easier then talking through even though this is a good website for car information…


Get a new mechanic and forget the rest. Life is just too short to let the speed bumps get you down.


Greetings from a fellow '90 Bird owner. Head over to (Thunderbird & Cougar Club of America), they’ve got tons of tech talk and chatter about the MN-12 and Fox Cougars, Birds, and Mark VII/VIII cars.