Re: lincoln navigator

Dear Mr. Dan Jedlicka,

I am in the process of buying a used 2001 or 2002 Lincoln Navigator. I am relocating to Ghana in West Africa , a tropical rain forest region. My question is I want to equip the SUV with 18 inch wheel and a large tire specifically 285/60/R18 or 275/55/R18 instead of the 255/75/R17 it originally came with . I don’t know if an all season tire or all summer off road all terrain tire will work. Also I am worried about the suspension should I replace it since it seems to be where most Lincoln SUV’s have problems. The proposed SUV I want to purchase has a 110,000 miles on it. The owner told me it is highway mileage but I am not sure if I should have a 90,000 miles maintenance done on it. Please advice as to what my options are as I am confused. I have consulted many mechanics but I seem not to be getting straight answers. Your acknowledgment on the receipt of this letter will be highly appreciated.