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Re: Lady whose car will not start in garage (12/1 show)

Wonder if the garage is excessively damp so the sparkplug wires are shorting out?

Identical problem with our 1990 Toyota Corolla. It nearly always lived outside, and always started first turn of the key… unless we moved it into the garage on a cold frosty night. Next day we had to crank, crank and crank it… and if we were lucky it would start in the end… just like Nan’s Acura Integra.

Worked out… in the end… that the auto-choke would stay open if the engine was shut off before the car warmed up properly!(i.e. after just starting the car to move it into the garage)… next day… the mixture would be wrong trying to start the car with the choke on… and we would have to crank it… or remove the air-filter and use a screwdriver to move the choke manually.

Never happened again as long as the car was up to temperature (auto-choke off) before the engine was shut down.

Hope that helps… 777Boeingman.

I hope that both of you realize that the call-ins from the 12/1/12 radio program could actually have been recorded several years ago.

Because no new programs are being done, all of the calls that you hear are drawn from archives that contain–literally–thousands of hours of old content. It may still be entertaining, but if you are trying to provide feedback to a caller, you have to bear in mind that their problematic car may have been disposed of a decade ago.

Others may benefit, but the original caller…not so much.

I think the boyfriend was thinking ahead and seeing a potential garage space conflict made sure that every time she parked her car in the garage it would not start the next day.