Rava 4 Rear Door Tire

A Honda Dealer said that the weight of the tire on the Rear door of the Rava4 would eventually cause the door to not close properly. I am considering buying a new Honda CRV or the Toyota Rava4. Does anyone know about this kind of problem on the Rava4?


Total bunk. They want to sell you a CRV not a RAV4. Some salesman pull “information” out of their rear to make the sale. I agree it sounds plausible.

Buy the RAV4, and then send the Honda salesperson and his boss a letter telling them that the reason you didn’t get the CRV is because you don’t buy things from people who make stuff up just to make a sale. I would include something like “If I can’t trust you to be honest when you’re trying to make a sale, how could I trust you to be honest when I bring my car in for service/repairs?”

The dealer’s story is total bunk, but there is a legitimate reason to avoid the rear mounted spares. In a low-speed rear-end collision, the tire focuses the force of the collision onto the rear hatch and multiplies the damage many times, turning what would usually be a few hundred dollar accident into a several thousand dollar one. It wouldn’t be a make-or-break issue for me, but it is something to consider if you’re someone who only carries liability insurance.

Well considering that unless he was backing up he is not likely to have that tyre hit unless it is hit by someone else.

That reminds me of the time I was at the office of my soon to be ex’s lawyer’s office and as I was watching out the window a garbage truck backed into his fancy Mercedes. I was the only witness.

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I would recommend against either of those vehicles.
they both have terrible styling and are made of bubblegum wrappers,plastic and foil.
You can buy a quality American made classic car in restored condition for the price of one of these tatooed kid mobiles.
Plus you get the added satisfaction of knowing that any joker who hits you wont have anything left of his car after a 59 Buick pulls him apart at the seams.

Haha, a tire ruins the door eh? Yeah, because the mechanical engineers who spent thousands of hours designing the vehicle would have never thought of that possibility…It’ll be fine, trust us. The RAV4 is an excellent little vehicle, if you like it get it.

As has already been said, the salesman was saying whatever came to mind in order to try to convince you to buy the CR-V, rather than the RAV4, and what he told you has no validity whatsoever. Incidentally, if you consult Consumer Reports, you will see that the RAV4 is their top-rated small SUV, with the Subaru Forester in second place and the CR-V in third place.

Also, you might be interested to know that the engine of the RAV4 uses a timing chain (normally never needs to be replaced), whereas the CR-V will need to have the timing belt replaced at about 100,000 miles, for the sum of about $600.00 at the dealership.

Overall, the RAV4 is a more substantial vehicle, with better handling and a better ride than the CR-V.

They are both excellent vehicles. Buy the one you like. And believe nothing that the saleman tells you. Consumer Reports New Car Buyer’s Guide from the local bookstore will confirm what I’m saying.

By the way, I know folks with RAV4 vehicles and they love them. The problem alluded to has never been mentioned.

Nope!At the Honda Dealer, my guess is it was a salesperson. I’m om my second Honda, and I trust the mechanics, not the salesperson. I bought my second Honda from a private owner, a much more pleasent experience. Good Luck w/ your decision. I’ve heard good things about the RAV 4 and no c/o rear door problems. My coworker bought hers used and she loves it! RH