RAV-4 transmission problems

I have a 2003 RAV-4 automatic that vibrates before it shifts into overdrive. It does it more so when it under a load going up hill. A mechanic said the transmission flush would help and it has but for how long? Should I start looking for another vehicle? There is just over 100,000 miles on it.

another question about magic trans flush. Pull the pan cut open the filter look for metal

Is this the first time the fluid (and filter if it has one) was changed? Regular changes will help your transmissionlast quite a while longer unless it’s already damaged.

BMW automatic transmissions by design never are serviced. They last.

When Toyota starts charging as much for their cars as BMW does, perhaps their transmissions will be designed in the same manner. Until that time, I don’t think that it is realistic to compare the two manufacturers.

I know a few owners who ones changed under the 100k certified warranty thankfully. (5 series and 3 series)

So they don’t necessary last, despite a lack of servicing?

I am shocked!!

Do you know what year 5 and three series. I was with BMW since 2001 at a major Milwauke dealer and not one. No timing chain failures either.

Do you know what the operational concern was?I think the no-service required condition for BMW is related to the chemical make-up of the fluid rather than the design of the transmission