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Rattling during acceleration and temp gauge hot and cold

So this just started today. I noticed as I was driving my girlfriend to work that my temperature gauge starting getting really hot. Then I started hearing knocking from underneath my car. After dropping her off I rolled my window down and realized that when I accelerated, I’d hear a rattling sound underneath my car, but when I let off of the gas, it went away. The more I accelerated, the louder it got. Then I realized my temperature gauge wasn’t at hot anymore, it was now at cold. Also my heat didn’t work the entire ride there or back.

To add to this, the last week or two my car has been having troubles starting up which I assumed was the battery from the cold. Yesterday morning I had to have it jumped, and then again when I got off of work.

I don’t know what it could be. Google said maybe a heat shield. But I am wondering if anybody can give me some ideas. I have to work tonight and want to make sure my car is safe to drive.

If that temp gauge is going to the red zone you should not drive the car. If you have to drive it, turn in the heater full blast (open the windows if it’s too hot) so you can use the heater to draw some heat from the engine. Please take it to a mechanic ASAP. It’s very bad for the engine to let it spend any time in the red or High zone of the temp. gauge. Also check your oil and coolant before you drive it to the mechanic.

That’s the thing though, it’s flipping back and fourth from hot to cold. It’s not staying in one place. And no heat is coming from the vents.

Sounds like the car overheated and then lost its coolant, Check the radiator when cold to see if it is full, also check the oil, hopefully it looks like honey. If the radiator is empty no telling if you will make it to the shop or not before totally frying the engine. If low fill it up with proper coolant and mix, start it up and watch for leaks. Let it come to normal temp as once pressure builds it may spew coolant at a rapid rate. Safety goggles to prevent coolant in the eyes, a dangerous thing, and keep your mouth closed, don’t want to be tasting that stuff. Recommended by me if you are uncomforable with any of this post have it towed to a competent shop and let them check it out.

Need for a jump hopefully just a bad battery, fingers crossed for you, as engine may have major damage.

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Your car is overheating, there is no heat in the passenger compartment, and you’re hearing a knocking noise indicating some sort of mechanical failure. I would have the car towed in and make alternate transportation arrangements.


Pull your engine oil dipstick. If the oil looks like chocolate milkshake prepare for the worst.

Gauge goes hot and then cold and no heat means no antifreeze in the system.

I believe every engine ever available in the Fusion was all aluminum, block and heads

So if the engine did overheat and blew the head gasket(s) I would expect the head(s) to be warped, and possibly the block

Hopefully that is not what happened, but it sounds like a distinct possiblility