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2004 Landcruiser excellent condition 77K. Exhaust manifold/heat shield type rattle, intermittant but >50%time. ONLY when in Drive and at Idle at 6000rpm. Goes away any higher rpm. NO rattle in Park or Neutral.

Your Landcrusher idles at 6,000 rpm?

Sometimes these rattles can be fixed just by bending or adjusting the shield a bit.

But first you have to figure out which shield is rattling.

600rpm…sorry. The thing that’s confusing is it stops as the rpm increases. In fact just going to 700rpm stops it immediately. And it doesn’t rattle in park or neutral.

Heat shield rattles almost always occur at one particular rpm and stop when the engine is above or below that speed.

Is 600 rpm the correct idle speed? Seems a bit low.

I did crawl underneath and rap on the shield and other various exhaust manifold items but couldn’t really find much. Didn’t realize that heat shield rattling occurs at specific/various rpm. What do you think about the rattle only in drive at Idle and not in park or neutral…only when the drive train engaged?

What do you think about the rattle only in drive at Idle and not in park or neutral…only when the drive train engaged?

Typical heat shield.

You Need To Get Hold Of A Toyota Technical Service Bulletin “Exhaust Booming At Idle” For 98 - 06 Land Cruisers.

The bulletin is to help Toyota technicians remedy customer complaints of an exhaust “booming” noise in Land Cruisers (after they reach operating temperature at idle with the vehicle stopped and in “drive.”).

There are “revised” parts available. The revisions vary with VIN (vehicle identification number) ranges.

I don’t know if Toyota would be so kind as to help a polite customer (with a well maintained vehicle) with “Goodwill” to offset some of the expense of parts and labor. These modifications were done for complaining customers within a 60 month / 60,000 mile Toyota Powertrain Warranty. You are out of this original warranty period.

If this were my vehicle, I’d make an appointment with my friendly Toyota Dealer’s Service Manager and using the VIN and the 9 page TSB, see what needs to be done, get an estimate, and see if they think you’re a candidate for help from Toyota. The Service Manager is probably not at liberty to “Goodwill” anything, but may be able to set up a meeting for you with a Service And Parts Zone Representative.


Are You The Original Owner Of The Land Cruiser ? Do You Use A Toyota Dealer For Service ?


I was familiar with the TSB but the description of a “booming noise at idle” did not sound at all like the metallic rattle I hear. And the dealer basically said it would cost over $1500 to do all the work recommended even though it might be something as simple as the heat shield. I had it at the dealer for routine service but of course I couldn’t get it to rattle with the service manager in the car. I just thought this specific noise only in drive at idle and not in park or neutral might indicate a specific cause. and yes I am the original owner. Thanks very much for your input