Rattle sound in the engine? radiator?

I have an '89 Toyota Celica and no car knowledge…so my problem is: It sounds like there is ice running through the engine/radiator? when I drive. You can’t hear it when I am idle, just when I am moving and when I go fast (35-40 mph) the sound turns into a LOUD zipping sound? Any ideas? By the way, this only happens when it is below freezing outside, not in warm weather (that’s why I say it is ice but I don’t really know what it is).

Thanks for any input you have…I am laid off and can’t afford to take it in. Fortunately I pretty much only need my car for interviews…unfortunately, I don’t get many of those. :wink:

Are you sure there’s a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze in the cooling system?


I buy the premixed stuff so I don’t have to worry about the ratio…so unless water can get in there some other way…?