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Rattle on F150

I have a 2007 F150 that I bought with 85k miles on it in January. I had the full 80k service done and asked them to check why the ABS light is coming on (faulty sensor) but I’m waiting before spending the $500 or so it’ll take to fix that.

My problem is a ticking noise that seems to come from under the hood, or maybe from the driverside front wheel.

The noise gets triggered only if I drive above 35 mph, and I can only really hear it with the window open. The ticking rate tracks the vehicle speed. And it goes away if I slow down to about 25 mph.

Any ideas what this is? Is it dangerous? What does a fix involve?

Many thanks in advance,


Do you have wheel covers on the truck or center caps on the alloy wheels?

Maybe the faulty sensor is the wheel speed sensor on the front driver’s side wheel hub. Reach behind the wheel and pull the faulty sensor out of the interrupter on the bearing hub and the noise should be resolved. But only the noise, mind you.

center hubs.

thanks - am I pulling the sensor off the vehicle, or just away from it’s current location? Can you explain why the noise only starts above 35mph?

What makes the sensor job so expensive?

the reason it cost so much is cause it a whole hub bearing,