Rattle near exhaust

I believe I have a spark plug issue although I am assured that they have been replaced in enough time to not have a problem. I’m am having acceleration issues, losing power over time, misfires and engine deceleration. I also now have a rattle that sounds like it is coming from my muffler only upon acceleration. It seems to be getting louder over time as well. This coupled with a rough idle and an over heated engine when the ac was on its cause for worry. Could the rattle be connected?

If the rattle is associated with an exhaust leak all those symptoms could be related. Don’t make that assumption though, b/c most likely these symptoms are not related. Suggest to ask your shop to put the car on a lift and check to see what is making the rattle underneath, and at the same time check the entire system for exhaust leaks.

Edit: You’ll get better results if you post the make/model/year info too.