Ranger hood struts

Hello everyone, I have a 2006 Ranger XLT. Due to a back injury I cannot lift the hood, which is quite heavy, without risking further damage to my back. I want to install hood struts to assist me in raising the hood. I’ve looked online and not found struts made for this vehicle. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

How about this one:

texases, thank you very much. I’m unfamiliar with redline–I’m not a mechanic, but will buy the struts from them and install them. Thanks again.

Good luck. I’ve not dealt with Redline - anybody here know about them?

I looked around at several ratings sites, and almost all good ratings. It looks like a good product, reasonably priced for what you get. I’m taking a serious look at a set for my Trainblazer, which has a fairly hefty hood. Wish they made a set for a Cruze.

That’s a pretty slick looking installation

Makes you wonder why more manufacturers don’t use that setup

I suppose they want to save a few bucks

That is precisely the reason they’ve been left off.

I was just at a car show in Olcott NY and helped the owner of a 1954 Packard Caribbean convertible lift his hood.
He told me it weighs 300 pounds and uses just a prop rod.

Keep in mind that if you DIY a drill and pop rivet gun will also be needed.