Random misfires and car turning off out of blue

Hi guys,
I have a 1995 Corolla which is facing misfire issue and randomly turn off at stop sign the code I am getting is 26 which is rich fuel ratio. I have changed the O2 sensor car has new spark plugs and spark plug wires both NGK. the problem started when I installed the new distributor. one of the member here had the same problem. Anyone here knows what can be the problem?

Here is the person who had the same problem http://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2222017/knock-sensor-issues

Are you certain that you installed the new distributor 100% correctly?

Have you verified your ignition timing with a timing light? Are you bridging the appropriate terminals?

Have you measured compression?

Have you measured fuel pressure?

Do you have good spark? (the coil could be weak)

Check ignition wires. Many people don’t know which way is clockwise or counter-clockwise.

If this problem only showed up after the installation of the new distributor then it could be that the ignition tiiming is retarded too much.
Retarded timing will cause an engine to run rich, lack some power, and kill the fuel mileage.

Have you looked into your MAF SENSOR? It may need a good cleaning (Easy)… or the sensor may be close to failing/inconsistent in some way… If you have a U Pull it Salvage yard near you…or a friend with the same vehicle…get your hands on another known working MAF…or a used one…and see what you get.

Try cleaning your MAF first…either with Brake cleaner…or MAF sensor cleaner… Might do the trick.


@HondaBlackbird that engine uses speed-density

It doesn’t have a MAF

I used to own a 1995 7A-FE Corolla, so I know first-hand.

No MAF? OK…darn…that would be a good place for attention. Most vehicles have a MAF…Oh well

Time to start looking at your ignition system…like the coil or dstributor…When those components start to fail…they show the symptoms WHEN THEY GET HOT.

Can be the Coil…distributor cap…distributor itself… SOMETHING in the ignition system is starting to fail…and im more than sure it will give you trouble WHEN ALL PARTS ARE HOT…

Troubleshooting is pretty straight forward LEt us know if you need more assistance


hi guys thanks for the comments I highly appreciate that. The distributor was installed by mechanic and he said there is no adjustment needed for timing belt, he read off from the hood where it was stated that no adjustment needed, and Engine compression test and fuel test came out fine. you guys think I will have to readjust the timing belt ?