Random and rapid knocking sound from driver front area of the truck

Thank you for the ideas Y’all after some tests I figured out the issue my IWE solenoid was failing. I replaced it and all good now. I’ve drove the truck for almost an hour straight now and no more noise. Will be replacing the hubs and CV axles this coming week just in case it caused internal damage. Thank you everyone for the help.


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Hahahah I don’t have a trunk but I will definitely let her out of my tool box :rofl:

So I thought this issue was fixed I’m taking off of work so I can figure this out hopefully for good this time?

So, the IWE solenoid replacement didn’t fix it?

No it did not I though it did since I did drive my truck a good bit this weekend and it never made the sound after I replaced it. It did it again this morning heading to work and one of my co workers wanted to test drive my truck and see if he could help. It finally made that knocking sound and it was doing it everytime you tried to come to a stop. While applying the break softly not breaking hard or slamming the breaks.

I have a video but this site will not let me post it I guess

so, you never answered… so do you have an ABS light on?

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Is the IWE solenoid controlled by vacuum? Maybe a vacuum leak could cause the solenoid to act up…?

A vacuum leak is causing the hubs to engage, a new control solenoid is not the solution.

Yes I do have a abs light on. Has been on for a few years now.

We didn’t notice any bad vacuum lines but i will say yesterday on my way home there was a loud gun shot sound and the noise went away, truck is officially parked untill I can situate this problem. Every shop I have taken it to had either sad there was no problem or had me drop 500 or so dollars to fix something that wasn’t the problem so I am officially lost on this issue and unable to figure it out my self. I have ran diagnostics on the abs light, it is a wheel speed sensor.

see if this is your sound in this video.

Multiple Ford Vehicles: False ABS Activation Speeds Below 10 Mph - YouTube

Unfortunately no I have the recording, it sounds like a hammer hitting the bottom of my truck by the pedal really loudly. Now after the pound bang yesterday there is no sound but the truck will hop when pressing the breaks. Truck was towed to ford this time, they will most likely rape me on pricing but hopefully they can fix it!! :sob:

If they can’t then I’ll be buying a new truck. Sadly I can’t work with out my truck so I’m loosing money by the day at this point.

Sorry to hear that. please post back and let us know the problem and the fix. it might help others in the future.

Just for grins, I’d see if there is a fuse for the ABS in the fuse block and pull it. Disable the ABS and see if it still does it.


I will definitely keep y’all posted.

Alright y’all. Abs module was failing that sound was a combo of my breaks locking up and the abs module. The pound gun shot sound was the abs module cylinder blowing up literally lol.

Don’t you mean brakes ?