Random alarms pop up and disappear

I have a C180 Mercedes benze 2013 model , for the past 4 months i experience random alarms on the dashboard ( hand break engaged, esp not activated and ABS off ) this alarms only pop up in the morning as soon as i start driving . I took it to the workshop to diagnose but they picked up nothing , but they suggested i replace the battery which i did but no change , took it back and they said i must replace the alternator , i serviced it and replaced voltage regulator , tested it and it was giving out 14.9 amps which is perfect but still the problem continues . I am stuck and really dont know what to look at anymore . This problem only occurs in the morning or when the car stand for a whole day , they will pop up for a few seconds and thats it they dont appear again until the next day . Please help with any ideas .

I think this vintage Merc. has wiring harnesses made with bio-degradable insulation.
That stuff has a rather short lifetime and breaks down.
Needless to say, harness replacement is a pricey job.

Would they not pick that up when they diagnose the car ?