Mercedes C280 Failing Alternator?

Every morning when starting my 1995 C280 I am disturbed by the extremely loud whining noise coming from my car. It sounds like a jet engine, and usually disappears after a few minutes when the engine is warmed up. The noise that comes from it doesnt seem to be affecting the cars performance, however, i fear that because it is an old car, this could be an indicator of a problem that can be prevented before it becomes really damaging. My best guess is its an alternator bearing that is off, but im wondering if it could also be anything like low fluids or an a/c radiator problem.

If there is anyway you think you can help, it is appreciated. I can also try to send out a noise file.

You can check for low fluids without our help. Whining could be an accessory belt, a failing tensioner, a failing alternator bearing, a failing power steering pump, a failing A/C compressor, or a failing water pump bearing. Take your pick.

Your cheapest problem is a hardened rubber belt thet sqeals until it warms up. Or a loose belt. If any of the accessories are failing and they become hard to drive, the belt will slip until they warm up.

You should let a competent mechanic examine all the above items. Hopefully it’s just a belt or tensioner.