Ran over kid's bike in Honda Accord

Hi all - Tonight my 6 year old left a small 2-wheeler bike in the driveway, and in the dark, I ran over it with my 2009 Honda Accord. The bike got stuck under the car, on the passenger side, pretty much under the passenger seat area. I didn’t run over it head on. I was backing out around a turn, and am sure it went under the car at the passenger side. My neighbor jacked up the car and got the (mangled) bike out.

What are the chances the car was damaged? I drove the car on a short trip (1-2 miles), and it seemed to run exactly as it always does. No warning or other lights came on. Am I okay to drive the car, or should I get it checked before I even think about driving it? I don’t know what’s under there, and I don’t know enough to know what the chances are that the car was damaged, especially in a way that might make it dangerous to drive. I’d be thrilled to be told I’m being overly cautious!



It’s always a good idea to have a vehicle inspected to determine if any damage was done from such event.

Go to a local garage that has a lift and explain what happened. Hell! They might do it for free as a neighborly gesture! But even if they charge 20 bucks, isn’t that worth the price knowing the condition of the vehicle and peace of mind?


What tester said.

You MAY have a damaged transmission coolant line, a damaged brake line or perhaps semi-dislodged some other part (perhaps a piece of exhaust).

The lines should be inspected for crimping (flattening/pinching).

I’m certainly happy to read your six year old was not on the bike at the time.

I’m surprised the “Bike Under Car” warning light did not come on…

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I’ve been seeing these Ford Ads on TV where an owner is happy because her new Ford Calls her phone and / or e-mails her when it would like an oil change. They could have it call whenever you run over bikes or people or whatever, too.


Road Runner, I’d Certainly Make Sure All The Kids Were Accounted For With A Head Count.(No Pun Intended)


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