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Ran out of gas

Today I ran out of gas for the 2nd time ever… No big deal, I grabbed my gas can got 2 gallons and put them it. What I was wondering was should this ever happen again, where is the fuel pressure connection on a 2002 s10 4cyl? I had to cycle the starter for approx. 5 min to bleed all the air out of the fuel line before it would start. Isn’t there a usually a schrader valve looking thing on or right before the fuel rail that I could use to bleed the line? I looked and found none. If there is; it would be nice to know where in case, for example, I ever wanted to change the fuel filter.

no fuel pressure test port on 2.2.

There’s no need to run the starter. Turn the key to run (not start), wait five seconds, turn the key off, then repeat several times. On the last time, turn it to start.

Using the Schrader valve to bleed pressure is not a great idea, gas could spray into your eyes. To change the filter, you could remove the fuel pump fuse and start and run the engine till it stalls, or you could throw a rag over the filter connection as you pull it apart.

I strongly recommend that you begin to keep better track of your gas gage. While you may consider running out of gas no big deal, if you do so repeatedly there’s a good chance you’ll end up replacing the fuel pump.

I know… The gauge stopped working when I was involved in a collision. It’s on the list for next spring. I already have to trouble shooting procedure book marked in the repair manual. I currently use the trip odometer to keep track of when to fill up. This is the first time on this vehicle I have run out. I hope I do’t forget to check again. Thank you though.

@tardis - I tried the key cycle first. It was to no avail. Where would the air in the fuel line go anyway, but out the injectors? Maybe there is a feedback system? I’ll have to look it up.

P.S. I had a rag to put over the (non-existent) connection so it didn’t spay fuel everywhere.

I am assuming (but I don’t know) that your 2002 has a return type fuel system. If so, the air would circulate through the fuel pressure regulator and back into the gas tank via the fuel return line.

If you instead have one of the returnless systems, then you are right that the air has nowhere to go. However, the air would compress into a very small volume and very quickly cycle through the injectors once you did try starting it.

Did you turn the key far enough for the check engine light to come on? If so, I’m not sure why that didn’t work.