Rain problem 1989 samurai

1989 samurai started fine this morning while raining got to work fine went to start will not turn over left it there went back this morning started right up no problem can someone tell me what could have caused it thank you

What is the maintenance history?

Timing belt was changed last year plug wires about 3 years ago this is the second time in 3 weeks and every time when it rains and once it dries out with the first click it starts

Start with the battery. Make sure both connections are free of corrosion and are tight.Intermittent starts are often caused by worned copper contacts inside the starter solonoid housing. In your case,if the starter is original to your car, start looking for a replacement.

Did the dash lights come on?


Sounds suspiciously similar to something I’ve seen before.
The next time this happens, remove the distributor cap and dry it (shop towel/whatever is absorbent). If it starts up, change the rotor and distributor cap. I am presuming that the Samurai has a distributor based on the year of manufacture :).

P.S. Of course, I might have misunderstood the problem too; as in I think you meant that the car cranks but doesn’t start. If it doesn’t crank at all @COROLLAGUY1’s suggestion is more appropriate.

I find it better to buy a new cap, even oil from fingerprints can cause a problem, and for the price why mess with trying to mess with it.