Radio turns on/off by itself repeatedly (even when car is shut off)

I have a 2003 Ford Focus. My radio has the ability to display the name of a song or artist. If you push down and hold a preset when it says “Song Title”, that radio station will display as “Song title” on the LCD. I saw “Yeah!” and wanted to rename that station for fun… So I held down the button and it went “Beeep” (like normal) and instead of replacing the old title, the radio turned off, and every light went out on the radio. Now no buttons work at all (even after restarting the car).

Now it turns off for 2-3 seconds and turns back on for 1 second over and over and over and over… I can hear the radio for 1 second at a time and it drives me nuts. The problem is… When I shut off the car and take the key out, it continues do to this (which will drain my battery overnight). I disconnected the battery terminal until I can figure out what I can do to stop this from happening.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: