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Radio comes on by itself?

I shut my radio off before I turn the engine off and I only listen to fm radio. In the morning when I start the engine the radio comes on by itself and is set to am 560 and the clock is reset back to 1200? This will happen a couple of times during the day when I stop and turn the engine off.

Your radio is losing power when the car is turned off. Radios have two power wires - a main one that’s activated when the ignition is on, and a memory one that’s on all the time and preserves settings like radio stations and the clock. For some reason you’re not getting memory power, and so the radio can’t store the information and defaults to factory settings - -which in your case is apparently on, tuned to the lowest AM frequency, and noon.

Either the wire is busted, or the fuse for that wire is blown, or the radio itself is broken.

I suspect that shadowfax is correct, but another possibility is that your battery is weak and its voltage is going too low while you are starting the car.

Had battery tested today, battery is 540 CCCA tested only 140 CCA. Replaced battery, will see if the radio works properly now. Thanks to all for the advice.