Radiator Transmission cooler line driver side stripped

My Honda Accord 97 has the transmission cooler line on the driver radiator side stripped what can I do can I weld it opinions?

I’m assuming what is stripped is the fitting on the cooler, not the fitting on the cooler line? The fitting on a lot of those coolers can be screwed out. The fitting is on the outside of the radiator end tank, and the cooler is inside. If you can screw the fitting out of the cooler and replace it with a new fitting, that we be my choice. Just don’t screw both fittings out of the cooler at the same time, as the cooler will probably fall down to the bottom of the radiator end tank.

Not all coolers are assembled like I referenced, though. You don’t have a picture handy, do you?

You can add an aftermarket transmission fluid cooler. They’re not expensive, easy to install, and work far better than the radiator internal coolers.

They can also prevent the possibility of a radiator cooler leak which can destroy the transmission.

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Yup, just mount on the outside of the radiator and connect to the lines with rubber hoses. Just double clamp the hoses so they don’t come off like mine did.