Radiator for our honda cr v

we suspect that we do indeed have a small leak in the radiator.if we keep the fluid to the full mark ,can we drive it without concern.we do relize that is will have to be replacebut we are hoping to drive it for a while longer.thank you for your help.steve

As long as you check it regularly & add when needed you should be able to drive it for a while. I would advise against long trips however until it’s fixed. Make sure you let it cool completely before removing the rad. cap!

If you keep the radiator full you can nurse it along for a little while, but the leak will probably get worse as time goes on.

If you wait too long it could fail catastrophically and overheat the engine.

How long are you planning to wait to have it repaired?

You might be surprised that the radiator itself (not including labor) isn’t too expensive, around $130+ shipping from Rockauto.com

You might also be able to use a radiator sealing product, like Barr’s Leaks, to temporarily seal up the coolant leak. You can find it at any auto parts store, like Autozone, Pep Boys, Advanced Auto, O’Reilly’s, Checker, and many others.


Yes, but don’t be surprised if you end up replacing more than just the radiator if you go this route.

Just replace it. It’s not that expensive, and not replacing it could lead to things that are.