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Radiator fan on 2011 Ford Escape only runs high

Hello. The radiator fan on my '11 Escape only runs on high. When the car is cold, the radiator fan does not come on. But as it warms up, the fan does seem to come on at the right time. But when it does, it is pretty loud and runs very fast. I assume it’s running on high, because I don’t recall whether or not there is a low. Both fans appear to be running, so I’m thinking both fan relays are good. Perhaps the main relay (30C) has gone bad?

As far as I know radiator fans are either on or off, and run at only one speed. From your description, nothing is wrong.

found this online:

Took it to a Ford place, they fixed the switch and the air works fine, but the fans are still running at max speed and all the time.

Found the problem!. There is a pressure sending unit that is used by the AC system that runs the rad fans to maintain proper head pressure (mounted on the top of the accumulator). If this unit is defective, the computer goes into a default mode and runs the fans on high. Also, I don’t think there is any connection to the interior blower issues that have been reported. That seems to be more of a coincidence.

more info at

That fan should have multiple speeds…or infinitely variable… Need to figure out which for this model. Lets say it has two speeds…there will be separate fan relays…one to handle low…one for high speed. I would be looking into those…and if they dont exist then you got the info from somewhere else. I need to maintain my image on this site or there could be trouble…haha

Ive seen fans that I swear were infinitely adjustable…and if Im correct there would be a fan module for that…the engine ecu would monitor engine temp and via a resistance measurement…the ecu and a control module…will then adjust fan speed to whatever value it deems fit.

Those are my 2 cents…dont spend em in one place


Thanks for the feedback. Based on Blackbird’s comment, the fan is definitely multiple speed because there is a low and a high relay. I have a older Escape too, so I swapped out the main fan relay 30C and I am hearing positive results from the wife after the first ride. I’ll post again after a couple more days of data gathering.

and there you have it…

Well unfortunately, replacing 30C did not fix it. I will start looking at the pressure sending unit.

You know…you can remove either relay and bridge the connection between terminals 30 and 87 in order to trigger either speed… I would remove the relays one at a time and perform the relays job for it…then see what the fan does. If the fan is able to perform both speeds…then the issue is whatever triggers the low speed fan. This would be a sensor telling the ECU to then trigger the ground on the respective relay at the required temp… Methinks one of the temp sensors is out to lunch…probably the low temp/low fan speed sensor. Or if it is handled by a single sensor…that sensor is no longer able to detect the lower temp mark.


To close the loop on this, my mechanic first replaced the air pressure transducer (part YH1704 @ $121.29!!!) on top of the AC accumulator. That did not fix it. Then he put the original one back on and re-pressurized completely recharged the AC. This did not fix it. Then he put the new pressure sending unit back on, and apparently the combination of those two things fixed it. Parts and labor: $219.65

I mentioned before that I had replaced the air pressure transducer myself for $15, but alas, I don’t have the equipment to recharge the AC. Too bad for me.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for posting the result. Good for you. & didn’t cost much either.

Sweet…not a bad deal.