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Radiator Failure and Transmission Slipping

In #1350, Dave called in about his transmission slipping after a hose burst, and Tom and Ray theorized that the transmission cooler might have failed, causing antifreeze to get into the transmission. Having lived through this scenario, I can only relate what happened to me. The transmission fluid/antifreeze mixture (which was a frothy pink color) was forced out of the overflow tank on the radiator, and the car drove a few miles before there was no more fluid in the transmission and the car stopped moving. We replaced the radiator and flushed it a couple of times to try and get out the transmission fluid, and I did a drain and fill on the transmission every week for a few months to try and get out the antifreeze, since I heard it is very corrosive to the seals in the transmission. So far, I have not had to replace the transmission. This happened on a 2005 Honda Pilot, and it would appear that the transmission is built from the tears of unicorns, stardust, and unobtainium, given the price to replace it.

Is there a question here?

It was posted in “The Show” forum, so I assume it’s just a comment on something heard on the show.