Radiator Crack in engine Block

I have a crack that is thought to be in the engine from the radiator. my mechanic say it will be too expensive to pen th engine, not sure that is the problem and they may find more trouble.

I love this care. give up our let 'em try for a couple of thousand??? It is a 1998.

A radiator on a 1998 BMW is repairable or replaceable. A crack in the engine block is basically the end of the line. unless the rest of the car is perfect and you can locate a good engine from a wreck.

Please tell us where the crack is; engine OR radiator!

Get another opinion.

A crack in the radiator is one thing, a crack in the engine block is something altogether different.

I’m not sure what “pen th engine” means, but if you’re talking about “opening the engine,” it won’t fix a cracked block, and I don’t understand why a mechanic would suggest it.

Things aren’t adding up in your post. Can you give us more specific information?

You can count this as one more response from a person who is thoroughly puzzled by the question.

Is the crack in the radiator, or is it in the engine?
What were the symptoms that caused you to bring the car to the mechanic?

As mcparadise stated, “opening the engine”–if that is what you were attempting to tell us–will not fix a cracked engine block. The only repair for a cracked engine block is to replace it, and that is not cheap–especially on a BMW. On the other hand, replacing a cracked radiator is much cheaper. However, we do not know what components are cracked, even after several readings of your post.

This situation needs a lot of clarification.
Perhaps you can have your clarification posted by a friend or relative whose native language is English.

If the BLOCK is cracked, the ONLY sane option is to locate a used (salvage yard) engine and install it…But even THAT is a crap-shoot…

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Are you saying that the radiator was defective(leaked coolant) which caused the engine to overheat and as a result the engine block cracked?

Sorry for the confusion. Not a car person. My laptop was locking up.

The radiator leaks fluid slowly. They have not been able to tell where the leak was coming from. They did not say the engine block was cracked. But … I believe they said that they had to open up the engine to see whether this was leaking inside. And this would be very expensive and who knows what they may find inside.

There is still something amiss here. Either the repair shop is snowing you, or you have mis-heard/misinterpreted what they told you. A radiator leak is a radiator leak, and does not entail “opening up the engine”.

I suggest that you call or visit the mechanic, and ask him specifically what his diagnosis is at this point. Write down what he tells you. Then, come back here and post what you were told.

I wonder if what the OP means is that the radiator is losing coolant and this may be an intenal engine problem.

These BMWs are well known for needing a new radiator (plastic/aluminum, not worth trying to repair), water pump, and a thermostat around this age. Pretty standard, I’d pay for that. But open the engine? Gotta wonder about that…