Coolant leak

My trucks radiator is wet with coolant but I can not figure out where it is coming from.

Well? if the radiator is wet, it must be coming from the radiator?


Try having a pressure test done of the system.

Probably a seam leak. Time to replace.

Dry it off. if hot and under pressure, you should see a leak.

Hoses, seams, from under the rad cap, from the core?

Go with the simplest things (and cheapest) first. Check the hoses for leaks and replace the radiator cap (if has one on the radiator). Otherwise like the man said, get the radiator pressure tested.

I replaced the radiator cap.Continual fluid loss.Then I installed a new radiator.No leaks now.The recent cold weather caused the metal clamps to contract and started the leaks.Thanks for the suggestions.

By the way it is a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 154000 miles.Original 4 cylinder motor and a 3 month old rebuilt transmission.

Sorry, cold weather won’t cause the clamps to contract enough to cause a leak. Being a '98, it’s old enough for fatigue to set in. Just make sure your motor mounts are OK, if they’re bad they’ll let the engine rock a lot, with the radiator hose rocking back and forth, causing the radiator to crack at the inlet. Happened to me.

I do have vibration from the engine at idle ,so I will check my motor mounts.