Radiator 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee



We installed a new radiator on our jeep but one of the screws were too long and went completely through so we now have i guess oil and antifreeze mixed…not really sure on the fluids…anybody know exactly what fluids it would be and if so how to drain them and flush out the mixture?


I’m having a hard time figuring out what you’re talking about. One of the screws went through where? Where did the end of the screw end up? And what is the guess of oil & antifreeze based on? Is the coolant contaminated? Is there also just a straight leak from the bottom of the car?

Anyway, the other thing that runs through the radiator is automatic transmission fluid. If you punctured one of the trans cooler lines then you will get a mess. I would check the transmission fluid before driving. If you did do something that mixed the coolant and ATF then both systems will need a thorough flushing.