Radar shopping and scam


I frequently see certain brand radar detectors being on sale for around $50 or less. I wonder does quality really reflect on the price of the product? From the description of those way expensive and out-of-budget radars, they do promote much more about the accuracy of their detection. Should I really consider and choose wisely between them. Could those cheap ones be scam to lure more poor drivers…? (Reckless is NOT my style, but sometime it is just lucky enough to meet and talk to the unexpected men. In may area patrolmen tend to pick on people for fun rather than ensure safety.)


There is only one radar detector to buy – Escort. Keep in mind most police have switched to laser guns – detectors are worthless. You really need a laser jammer. Check out:




Or you can just obey the law. … Of course that can be difficult with a few areas where they change the speed limit with the only notice a tinny sign behind a bush.


Make sure that it is legal to possess a jammer in your state. They will not only give you a ticket, they will confiscate your jammer. The consequences might even be worse, depending on your state laws.


If they don’t have a law against it yet, they will make one up on the spot…Cops prefer radar by the way…It’s much easier for them to use…

Out West, photo-radar is putting speed-cops out of business…


Radar jammers are illegal everywhere because of FCC regulations, but laser jammers are perfectly legal due to the fact that they don’t work.


"…laser jammers are perfectly legal due to the fact that they don’t work.:

You could put a big beam dump on the front end of your car to foil the laser.


The good ones do work quite well in fact. Check the videos in action produced by a former traffic cop and radar gun instructor:




There are only two radar detectors I would feel comfortable recommending. First is the Escort. Second is the Valentine. They detect all types of radar including photo radar. I wouldn’t trust anything else, especially something as cheap as $50.

Radar jammers are illegal under federal law. At one time, the Iowa State Patrol set unmanned, obsolete radar guns beside the road to trick detector users. The FCC made them stop.

The only thing that works against laser is a laser jammer triggered by a laser detector. The only one I can recommend is the the Escort. It is very effective. A complete system will run around $2,000. A laser detector/jammer is legal in most, but not all, states. Check your state laws before investing in one.


FYI: radar detector use is illegal in Virginia. They used to confiscate detectors, but they stopped after losing a law suit when they confiscated a detector that a guy had just bought and was still in the box in the back seat, never connected. Now, they only issue a ticket if the detector is in the front seat and either plugged in or can be plugged in easily. They also have radar detector detectors, though some detectors are shielded against that.

Anyway, if you drive through Virginia you probably should stick your detector in the trunk to be safe.


I haven’t been to VA in a couple years. Last time I went, I found out online that VA had a law making it illegal to drive in the state if you have driven more than 12 hours out of the last 24. I am talking cars, not trucks. I don’t think most people were aware of that law. I have at times driven 13 hour days.

Also, they have highways which are marked safe highways, and any road rage conduct is bumped up to a felony. I remember a woman who was studying to be an RN. They got stuck in a traffic jam, and some guy made her angry, though it sounded like he didn’t really do anything illegal, just bugged her changing lanes more than once. She tossed a paper cup of ice and pop at his car, while they were stopped in traffic, and hit it, and got prison time, her career gone forever.


The price of those products has everything to do with the technology advances that they are not built to see. Hence, they’re on sale.

Not all the departments have all the latest tech, but the cycle is set that obsolescence is near.