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Rack & pinion?

Replaced both Control Arms, Struts, Inner & Outer Tie Rods, Sway Bar Links, and a couple motor & trans mounts.7
Still hearing noise from front end.
Similar to the noises before replacing parts.
The steering does rattle a bit, got to change the box on column.
Also, serious steering play prolly from Rack & Pinion.

Another source of a rattling or more probably knocking sound is the sway bar bushings. Steering play could be inside the rack or at a u-joint between the steering wheel and the rack. The rack could be a little loose from the body, too.

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What car? How many miles? Ever been in a wreck. What does the noise sound like? What have you been doing to locate the noise other than just replacing everything?

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Did you install a “quick strut” . . . in other words, strut, coil spring and mount all preassembled?

If not, it’s quite possible that the strut mounts . . . which you apparently didn’t replace . . . are the source of the noise

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It’s a ‘quick strut’ 3 nuts on top, 2 bolts bottom.

Rack is mounted solidly.

Prolly rack.

Could I get a couple racks and make one good rebuilt one ?

That would totally depend on your ability to rebuild racks. In general, I would say no. Don’t do that.

For the safety of you, your family, and everyone else on the road- buy one that is already professionally rebuilt or new.