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Rachel Veitch and her 1964 Comet

I just saw that Rachel Veitch- whom you may remember for her 1964 Mercury Comet with 576,000 one-owner miles- has to give it up due to blindness.
At one time there were links to videos about her and her car on the Car Talk website.
Congratulations, Rachel on 93 years and 48 with one car.

I saw that article on It looked it pretty good shape too. 48 years to get to 576k miles…It takes me about 8 to reach 300k miles. At 48 years with the same car it would have over 1.5 million miles.

It might be interesting to see the repair and maintenance history on that car.

Maintenance history is a great thing to look at. I bought an 82 Accord once and the papers, if dropped, would make your front yard look like a disaster area. 242,000 miles can generate a lot of paper.

she said she maintained if flawlessly.

I guess we can safely assume that this woman did not subscribe to the “never change your oil” philosophy.


She was interviewed some time ago and said she went by the book, only bought top rated parts with a “Lifetime Warranty” and was proactive on everything. I’m sure the car went through at least 5 or 6 sets of shocks. I do not recall she saying she had done any internal engine work.