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Rabbit Stalling

Hi everyone,

I bought a used 2008 Rabbit about two year ago. Recently, I have been experiencing two problems:

  1. Sometimes, when I am idling at a light, my car stalls and the EPC and battery lights turn on. If I turn off my car and back on it then runs fine.
  2. Last night, I drove my car to two stops. At the second stop, the car wouldn’t turn on. I got a jump and drove it straight to the mechanic’s. This morning they said the battery is charged and the car is turning on fine. They cannot find anything so far that is draining the battery.

Any ideas about what might be causing these two problems?


I’d check the cables and terminals to the battery and also the ground lead from the battery to the frame.

@Rabbit08 is that still the original battery? If so, it’s time for a new one. Maybe it just won’t hold a charge anymore.
Have the charging system tested. The basis for a functional charging system is a good battery.
Did that shop measure parasitic draw? Or did they just visually look for lights left on?