Just a heads up to people who prefer to service their own A/C.

The governmental do-gooders at it again.



Man, it’s always California doing stuff like this, isn’t it? Sure am glad I’m clear on the opposite side of the country in MD, as far away from there as I can get.

Don’t see how doing this will have any impact on pollution. It’s not as if people are throwing money away on refrigerant cans only to vent them into the atmosphere.


Notice they’re not treading on aerosol hair spray and bug spray cans - yet.
That would be stomping on too many political toes.
If CA does this who is going to be cursed? Not the state government that forced it upon the public; it will be the mechanics who have to listen to it.
WHAT! A 150 bucks just to throw a can of 134 in there! Thief! :slight_smile:

When they first came out with R134 it was proclaimed as environmentally safe. I told my wife at the time; wait a few years and you’re going to start hearing that 134 is destroying the earth and it must be heavily controlled.
The first bad mouthing of 134 came from England (go figure) and it was claimed that 134 causes testicular cancer in men.
That’s right; scare the men who predominantly use it clean away from it.