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Quick trans fix for a '94 Mazda 626?

My mom’s Mazda 626 started to show signs of the tranny going bad but it drives just fine when the gears are changed manually. The fluid checked out fine and I just figured to switch out to a remanned one when it finally dies. The problem is THAT WAS 9 MONTHS AGO!

Then, I remembered posting a question on here about a Cavilier I owned that had the same problem. I was told about a sensor on the trans that was prone to go bad and cause this type of problem. I disconnected the sensor and drove it another 100k until I sold it.

I may be grasping for straws here but do you guiys know of any such issue with this car?

on the side of the trans there it a speed control sencer that you might want to try. will it shift at all if you leave it in drive? when it runs high and doesnt shift play with the gas peddel to see if it will shift if it does. change that sencer… I have put 2 trans in the 626 for a couple of my customers they both wanted a used trans to save them money i found them in a junk yard of my friends where the cars had been totaled.from a rear end collision I charged 900 each that was labor and parts. i also had to turn in the old trans for the core.

It shifts good for about 2-5 minutes in the morning. Then, it starts slipping and I have to go manual. I’ll try playing with the gas pedal to see if it works. It’s just strange that a bad tranny would last this long. They normally give up the ghost within 3 months. I’ve even taken it out of state (don’t ask) and it is still drivable.

sounds like you need to give it a new filter and fluid change mabey even a flush. I would even go another step and run a bottle of lucus trans slip through it after the fluid change. put the lucus in it first then top it off with the new trans fluid. smell your trans dip stick befor doing this if it smells burnt its a sure thing to change it.If you do have to change it there is a magnit inside it stuck to the trans pan see how thick the gunk is on it make sure you wipe the pan clean.Also take some starting fluid and spray inside the pan and all over the inside of the trans after removing the filter this is to assure that you dont suck up and unwanted matteral left behind then let it air dry for 15 to 30 mins.If you have a shop do it request a flush and filter change. The flush is so they get all the trans fluid out of the converter as well.