Quick tire pressure question

Need some advice from the pros,

I have 2 Kelly Charger GT tires on the rear axle of the car, they read around 38PSI gauge when cold.

Front axle: Toyo Extensa A/S around 30PSI gauge cold.

The “on the door” recommendation for tire pressure is 30 PSI cold (I think its in the owner’s manual too).

Should I bleed air out of the chargers to bring them down to 30PSI or just leave them alone and drive on?

I can’t find the Kelly recommended tire pressure.

The sticker on the car is what you follow, cold in the morning, using a high-quality gauge. You can add 2 psi if you want. This assumes they’re the right size.

Kelly doesn’t recommend a pressure because it depends on the car. That’s what the sticker on the car is for, assuming you’re running the original tire size.


I assume that you recently got the Kelly tires that are on the rear of the car. Going on that assumption, if we were to follow your line of reasoning, then whatever pressure was put into tires (either correctly or in error) at a tire shop should be the pressure that would always be used. That could be a fatal error. Perpetuating an error does not make it any less of an error.

As was said, you should be using the tire pressure(s) listed on the sticker that can be found on the driver’s door jamb. Note that some cars call for slightly different pressures front and rear. And, as texases implied, whatever pressure is listed on the door jamb, you can safely add 2 or 3 psi to that pressure if you want better handling and slightly better gas mileage, albeit at the cost of a slightly harder ride.

Tire makers never recommend pressure. It is vehicle specific based off (gross) weight of vehicle and distribution balanced by ride quality.

Thanks guys, I learned something new today.