Quick oil places and the Auto Manufacturers

I am convinced that the Auto Manufacturers own and control the quick oil change places.

It is obvious is it not. They get to take good cars and turn them into junk by using the wrong oil, forgetting to tighten the drain plug etc. so the owner need to purchase new cars. It is great corporate planning.


While I am sure that you posted this in jest, the Quicky Lube places certainly do play into the hands of the auto companies. As I’m sure you know, Jiffy Lube is owned by the company that produces Pennzoil, and they bought J-Lube at a bargain basement price after the original owners expanded too quickly and drove the company into the ground.

Believe me, I know about this since I lost a significant amount of money on Jiffy Lube stock, prior to Pennzoil’s buyout of the company. Back in the late '80s, I held shares in both Auto Spa and Jiffy Lube, since this seemed to be a good area to invest in. Boy, was I wrong on that assumption!

Interesting theory. On my end when my cars where in my end nearing their end of life in my mind (160k miles) I started using a super-duper Walmart(sadly 3 miles from house) for $14.00 oil changes every 4-5k miles. The car was running perfectly at 225k miles when sold. Never any issue and they must have had a database of cars since proper oil type, oil filter, air pressure was on the slip. They definitely dragged a “quick oil change” into at least 30-45 minutes and I was first in line maybe so I could fill my cart up with Wally world junk. I only buy diapers and Pelligrino sparkling water there.

If I must use a “quickie” lube I try an independent. I find simply using the dealer who themselves have a “quickie” lube where if scheduled and not accomplished in 45 mins they give you back $20 towards next one where they cost $25.00. The available WIFI and free use of two notebooks also wireless passes the time pretty well. I usually just work at dealer as my IT job is 100% telecommuting.

Personally I would not use them on my cars now (under 150k/8 years old) however who knows down the line.

If they don’t own them…they probably pay their employees to do the work for them.

LOL, americans don’t need much help to neglect their cars. The manufacturers have reduced their maintenance requirements significantly (maybe too much), and many people still don’t follow them. When the do have maintenance performed, they bring it to one of these quick places who leave out the drain plug.