Quick Buzzing Vibration @ 40MPH During Moderate/Heavy Acceleration - Out of Options

I have a 2015 Pilot Touring. 60K miles.

When I get on the gas (medium to heavy acceleration), I get a buzzing vibration felt through the steering wheel and gas pedal at exactly 40 mph. It lasts about a second and ends once the speed continues to increase past 45 mph. I do not feel it when accelerating slowly, nor do I feel it in neutral while revving the engine.

I am mechanically competent and do all my own repairs. This vehicle has been to the dealer under warranty and had both drive axles replaced and a PCM flash. TX fluid is brand new. All rotors/pads are brand new. All tires are brand new. All wheel bearing assemblies were just recently replaced. NOTE: This issue was occurring before all this and continues to occur after these repairs. I am also running the VCM muzzler.

I am scratching my head on this one guys.

What is that?

A widget that disables Variable Cylinder Management on Honda vehicles. I doubt it’s related to the OP’s problem. My guess would be a loose heat shield or something similar that vibrates at a sympathetic resonance frequency, which is why it only happens at around 40-45mph.


Disables eco mode. On that car eco mode will disable cylinders when the computer thinks they’re not needed, and owners have complained about excessive oil consumption and vibration while in eco mode.

OP, dumb question, but have you checked the heat shields?

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motor mounts?

Heat shields. Also a 2-layer pipe. My Civic’s B pipe has been replaced twice in 20 years. Inner layer vibrates against outer, giving a low frequency resonance and vibration. There’s a fine local exhaust shop here and they found it and replaced it easily.

Not a dumb question! I have not… but I will when I get home. Still… if it was the heat shield, you would expect it to produce the same vibration when sitting in neutral and revving the engine.

I would suspect motor mounts if I could reproduce the vibration in neutral. It’s not engine speed related…only vehicle speed.

Were you getting the vibrations even when revving in neutral? I am not. But I am curious to check my exhaust now.

I don’t remember for sure.

Checked my heat shields today. All are fine and solidly attached.

I experimented a little to see if I got the buzz in 1, 2, D3, and D. It happens in all gears. And it’s ever so slight.

I’m just worried that’s it’s torque converter.

A technician driving the vehicle should be able to observe if the vibration is from the engine ( mounts worn) or the torque convertor’s lock up clutch. I have never seen a heat shield heavy enough to cause the steering wheel to vibrate. Usually heat shields make noise, they are not the cause of vibration, the source of vibration is the engine.