Questions about VW CC and Toyota Camry SE and Camry Hybrid

I am looking for a new car that can be my daily commuter car. I drive a combination of highway and city each day, M-F, for 115 miles roundtrip- about 70 of those are highway miles. Roads are bad (rough surfaces) and drive is early morning and often late evening. I have found three cars I like:
2013 VW CC (25/32mpg) Toyota Camry SE (about the same mpg as the CC) Toyota Camry Hybrid (35/40) and about $8K more than the gas Camry.

I am seeking any input on the VW CC - such as reliability, comfort, driving/handling, etc. It is a beautiful car, but is that really its best feature?

As for the Camry cars, I test drove the gas Camry - it was loaded with leather and was a nice drive. Would the hybrid at $8k more actually improve
my mpg that much? Has anyone had experience with these models (gas Camry 2012 or Camry Hybrid 2012)?

Finally, I will put close to 25K miles on a car in one year. Can these cars maintain decent value and reliability in the first year or two of ownership? Thanks for your advice and help.

The price difference between a Camry LE and a Camry Hybrid LE is about $3,000, not $8,000. At that price and a difference between 30 and 40 mpg average at 25k per year is 833-625 = 208 gallons X $4/gallon = $833/year, 3.6 years to pay it out. Pretty short in my book.

As for the Passat, it won a recent comparison test by Car and Driver, it’s a good car with yet-to-be proven reliability. It’s popular and well-reviewed.

I think hybrids tend to do better inthe city than on the highway. I get the impression from talking to a lot of people that VWs are fussy and expensive to keep up. Did you by chance look at any Accords?

Mazda 3 will get you 40 on the highway without being a hybrid. The CX-5 will get you 32 on the highway, with more ground clearance, if you get the FWD with auto(35 with stick)

As for the CC, it’s pretty much a Passat with less room and a fancier interior for more $$.

According to Edmunds, Maintenance and Repair costs are about the same for the CC and Camry SE; the hybrid maintenance in the first 5 years is several hundred less, so it wins the M&R contest. Still only about $600 separates the 3 in M&R. The real money is insurance and fuel. The CC gas cost will be about $2000 more than the SE, and $6000 more than the hybrid. Insurance for the CC is a couple grand more than the Camrys. I suggest that you call your insurer to check that out.