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Question for ok4450

I was fascinated by the discussion last summer about your Saab with the nightmare fuel injection system. Did you ever find the problem, or is it gathering dust somewhere ?

Well, I’d like to say that I’m a genius and figured it out but unfortunately I’ll still ignorant at this point.
When I’ve had the time I’ve dinked around a little with it but with no success.

I can charge the battery and even after sitting for weeks it will start right up. However, it will die within a second or two and never do anything after that; not even a sputter.
That initial start is due to the cold start valve but after running a few seconds the thermoswitch takes the cold start out and it does not work again until it’s been sitting long enough to activate it again.

Maybe something will eventually hit me but until it does the car sits there. It also bugs me to no end because I love driving it.

As for the problem, I have zero knowledge of that system. But as for the whole situation, I know all too well just how you feel. Good luck with it.

The car has been a bit rough on a cold start after sitting all night but that’s due to an iffy control pressure regulator. That’s also a very common problem with CIS cars and other than that 1 minute of cold slightly rough running it’s not a problem. Once it goes through that period it’s fine for the rest of the day.

In this instance I had driven the car and it was running great. Parked it and 2 hours later it started right up and died, never to run again.
On occasion I sit and try to think it out but so far nothing. I though I knew CIS pretty well until this hit. Apparently I don’t. :slight_smile: