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Question about my 2001 Solara

Whenever I’m driving, or even whenever I rev my engine in park, my car makes this irritating humming noise. It started over this summer and was only every now and then. Now, the car makes the noise EVERY time I use it. The noise goes away if I gas the car really hard but it can occur at all speeds. I haven’t uploaded a video but I found a video of a 2002 solara on youtube that has the exact same sound. Help!

Sounds like dragging brakes.Does the noise stops when you press on the brake pedal?

There is no noise unless I’m pressing the gas. The noise happens in park as well if I rev. I’m thinking it’s the fuel pump but I’m no expert.

Fuel pump? I don’t understand how the pump in the tank could have anything to do with it. But raise the hood, gun the engine and see where the noise is coming from. Vibration from something loose or a bearing going out. Or have a shop take a look.

Noise is coming from the back left side, sort of under where the back seats are.

Exhaust system vibration? Crawl under while someone else revs the engine up to see where it’s coming from. Make sure it’s someone you trust though.

Okay. Will do. Open to any more suggestions